Oral Surgery for Extractions and More

Steel City Dental Associates isn’t just for dentists. We also have an oral surgeon on staff that specializes in sedation dentistry, and a team who can do anything from wisdom teeth to tissue and bone grafts. Some common procedures we do in our Penn Hill, PA, office are wisdom teeth extractions and dental implants. These treatments keep your smile healthy and whole by removing excess teeth and replacing necessary ones with strong materials. Each one is accompanied by proper sedation where needed.

Although wisdom removal is the most common, there are plenty of reasons to need tooth extractions. Disease, injury, trauma, and decay can damage teeth beyond repair, and removing them may be the only option to prevent infection from spreading. This is also done in preparation for replacement teeth, such as full dentures or implants. Our dentist will decide whether surgical extraction is best for you and prescribe a plan for care and recovery.

About Our Maxillofacial Dentist

Our maxillofacial dentist works within the area of the mouth, face, neck, and jaw. This area deals with issues such as TMJ and cleft lips, with our doctor reshaping bones to provide the face with proper support. Your facial muscles need to work together in order to maintain your appearance as well as your eating and speaking abilities. We’re here to see to it that they do. Our jaw surgeon works with you to correct any problems and relieve pain so you can eat and speak freely.

Be sure to take good care of yourself after any surgery by getting plenty of rest, taking medication as prescribed, and maintaining a temporary diet of soft foods. We supply you with gauze and aftercare instructions to help you heal. If you have any issues, call our emergency line right away. Allowing a problem to get worse only results in more pain and a much more complicated and expensive treatment. You don’t want what could be an infection to spread to other parts of your body, so let our emergency dentist know if you need help.

Our Maxillofacial Surgeon Meets Medical and Cosmetic Needs

We pride ourselves on being the practice that has everything related to oral health, and that includes a highly qualified maxillofacial surgeon. This branch of dentistry is both medical and cosmetic, improving the function and appearance of the facial region. One example of this is septal separation surgery, which involves the cartilage and bone in the nose that form the two nostrils. This helps you breathe easier while looking better.

Schedule a consultation now, and we’ll get you in for surgery later. Contact us to make an appointment with one of our excellent doctors.